Colour Grading and Spotlight Test

There was no theme behind this little shoot. The first set of indoor photos were me experimenting with an analogous colour grade as practice for a project down the line. The second set, an experiment with my new lights.


It was an interesting proof of concept and I do like the green undertones in the shadows which perhaps points to me saving this colour scheme for a film shoot. I'm not 100% in love with the difference between the brightness of the yellow and red but that's reasonably easy to fix with better diffusion and distancing the light further from the subjects. There is certainly a lot of potential in this idea and I'm looking forward to exploring it some more.

The other part of this shoot that I'm much less content with is the framing. These shots were all quite heavy crops which isn't an issue in and of itself but rather and indication of not being comfortable with the lens. This does make sense since I'm using a 50mm as opposed to the 24mm-35mm focal length I gravitate towards. I'm also still getting to grips with the autofocus on my new camera. The eye tracking is excellent but going from essentially manual focus to trusting a computer to understand what I want from it is a little daunting. It's definitely just a matter of time before I'm able to return back to focusing on my composition and just trusting my gear and skills to capture the moments that I want.

Anyway, I really want that Nikkor Z f1.8 S so if anyone has $1100 they don't mind parting with for the greater good of humanity hit my line.


I bought a pair of used theatre spotlights for $35 each to experiment with and this was my first time using them. I'm planning on using at least one of them for an upcoming short film project to be titled "Fashion Crimes." I am really impressed with how these look. I love the the wrap a single light produces as well as the way it renders defined shadows. The intensity of the gels are also very nice. My only problem, which can be easily remedied, is the lack in definition in the borders of the light. I would prefer a more precise cone of light but I can figure that out later and it's not the biggest deal.

The last B&W shot is a note to self to do more backlighting.

Lots of potential here, I'm excited.


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