'Milk and Honey' Shot at the Fairmont

This shoot embodied everything I love and hate about working with people.

To begin, it was quite cool how I got the opportunity in the first place. Someone from the hotel reached out to me based on a pair of photos taken during the BPP shoot from summer 2020. Eventually we got to a meeting and I was offered a space to do what I wanted and also encouraged to pursue a career in the arts which is always flattering.

Fast forward to the week of the shoot--we had a mood board, fits planned out, timing and locations scouted, and everything looked like it was going smoothly. The day of everything fell apart: model drama, extra bodies, everyone was late except the makeup artist and to cap everything off, it was pouring rain.

I love these two looks. Suspiciously wealth baroness and baron vibes. Also Charity needs to gimme my hat back this is ridiculous.

The interior scenes were wild as well. These shots of Charity are where the "Milk and Honey" title came from.

The chandelier and ornate ceiling are stunning and give her an aura of luxury.

The final set of photos were in the Lt. Governor Suite. These are crazy. I really really like them.

This last shot of Charity is actually mind-boggling.

Haruka killed it on the makeup.



Charity https://www.instagram.com/charitywilliamss/

Harman https://www.instagram.com/harmandeol19/


Haruka https://www.instagram.com/makeup_by_haruka/


Nehemiah https://www.instagram.com/mekkade/


Creative direction was obviously me.

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