A Regal Slice of Golden Hour

"What do preppy niggas do?"

I feel like I should be rather well equipped for this question but I'm not entirely sure. I enjoy taking pictures, complaining about problems with simple solutions and eating pie. I also enjoy upsetting old people with loud urban music and frustrating people with a seemingly endless breadth of obscure knowledge,

What do preppy niggas do?

As I've been trying to establish a consistent visual style for myself, I've gotten somewhat caught up in the aesthetics of it. Over the course of the next year I'll be looking for ways to incorporate more substance into my photographic work. More sets like Character Obscura--plus the accompanying stories ideally.

With this shoot I wanted to experiment with colour grading and working on my editorial-esque portfolio. The outside scene was the last 15-20 minutes of golden hour in my front yard which made for some gorgeous light. The purple x gold complimentary colour scheme rarely comes off but when it does it's stunning. This thing came together because of a couple trips to the thrift. I found the umbrella sometime in October and have been waiting since for the right 'fit to bring it out for.

Excellently modelled and styled by Sincere.


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